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NotSoSingle Lady Escapades – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Oh, Puerto Rico! How I love thee! In February of 2018, I returned to San Juan with my then boyfriend for a belated Valentine’s Day getaway. This was my boyfriends first time and he also has fallen in love with this piece of paradise.

We stayed at my friends Airbnb property located in Old San Juan for most of our trip, and on our last night, we stayed at the La Concha Resort. I highly recommend both places! The Airbnb is in the heart of everything, close to restaurants, bars, El Morro, and the famous bar La Factoria!

Below are the highlights of our trip, with a surprise at the end 😍

We started the day off with getting checked into our adorable Airbnb (seriously you need to stay here!)

Next we explored Old San Juan and per took in a little day drinking. This included a beautiful visit to El Morro.

Followed by a quick bite of mofongo at Mojito’s!

Next, we met my friend D and he took us to La Placita. La Placita is everything, I love bars that encourage: 1. Socialization and 2. Being outdoors. No one seemed to care that it was raining, we just took the opportunity to dance in the rain. ❤

On our second day of the trip, we only had one thing on our mind, BEACH TIME. My friend D drove us all the way across the island to Cabo Rojo. The southwesternmost point of the island and home of a beautiful beach. We spent the day catching up with old friends, getting sunburned, and playing with hermit crabs.

The next day we started breakfast off with my favorite breakfast sandwich, a mallorca, at Cafeteria Mallorca. I loveeee these sandwiches and cannot find them in the DC area. 😦 So I overindulge while in PR.

After that, D took us on a road trip throughout the island to Quebradillas, Aibonito, Robles and ending with dinner in San Juan at Bebo’s Cafe. (Tip, order the stuffed avocado with rope vieja, it is to die for, ugh now I’m drooling.)

This road trip showed us a lot of PR as well as a lot of areas that were still recovering from Hurricane Maria. The first bar we stopped at had no electricity still and was relying on a generator still for power.

On our final day in PR we took a boat trip on very rough waters out to the waters of Culebra. The Ocean was very angry this day and nearly everyone on the boat ended up being sick. Thankfully, my stomach is pretty strong so I did not, but being on a very rough ride while everyone else is throwing up around you makes for an interesting ride. Once we reached calmer waters the captain docked and let us snorkel. My boyfriend had never been snorkeling before so it was fun to see his reaction to seeing all of the fish and a stingray.

After the cruise, we headed to our hotel for the evening as my friend had a tourist staying at the Airbnb property. La Concha is in the heart of Condado and has its very own casino. We stayed in an ocean view hotel that was absolutely gorgeous.

After checking into our room, which was pretty late in the day due to the snorkeling cruise, we checked out one of the hotel bars, and then went for a walk on the beach. The beach was pretty empty as it was a little windy out. It was here when my boyfriend dropped to one knee and proposed to me on the beach. ❤

Our last morning in Puerto Rico, was shared with my Fiancee, a view of the ocean, and of course, a mallorca.

Have you been to Puerto Rico? What you recommend for our next trip?

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