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“Home” – Ocean Park, Washington

I am fortunate and unfortunate that my parents live in Ocean Park, Washington. Fortunate, because it is in the Pacific Northwest, but unfortunate because it is literally on the opposite side of the country from me(I’m in DC.)

The live on the that teeny tiny peninsula circled in red.

I try to visit at least twice a year to see my parents, and when I do, we always do some exploring along the coast. Below are some of my favorite things about and places to go along the Long Beach Peninsula.

1. The Beach –

Well this one is pretty obvious, but I love visiting the beach when I’m on the peninsula. The water is always too cold to go swimming, but the waves are always gorgeous, and it’s fun to do some beach combing during low-tide. Plus, Long Beach is one of the only beaches you can drive a vehicle on.

2. The wildlife –

Bears, Elks, Deer, oh my! And raccoons, and rabbits, and hummingbirds, and eagles, and seagulls galore! The peninsula is full of wildlife. The raccoons at my parents house get extra fat when I visit. I’ve named one, “Big Poppa,” but I’m pretty sure now that it’s a pregnant female.

3. The Food

The Long Beach Peninsula is also home to some great spots to eat. Here are some of my favorites:

The Pickled Fish – The Pickled Fish is located in a boutique hotel in Long Beach. The restaurant overlooks the Pacific Ocean. I love stopping in for a craft cocktail and my favorite….beets!

The Long Beach Tavern – My hubby and I really enjoy the Long Beach Tavern, they have great mushroom swiss burgers, french fries, onion rings, and halibut sandwiches. Plus, they also have a couple of pool tables and pull tabs, which make for an entertaining night.

New Garden Asian Cuisine – So this spot is not in Long Beach but is across the river in Seaside, Oregon. They have delicious Chinese food and a great lunch special during the week.

4. The Beer

There are two spots that I love to visit for brews when I get home, both of them are not actually located on the Peninsula, but just across the bridge in Astoria, Oregon.

The first is Rogue Ales Astoria Public House, they have amazing halibut fish and chips, an ever-changing selection of craft beer to try, and if you are lucky, you might even see some sea lions basking on the rocks.

My second favorite is Buoy Beer Company, in Astoria. What sets it apart is that they have a glass floor that you can see sea lions basking under a heat lamp through, plus it is also riverside and has amazing views.

5. The Sunsets

The Sunsets are always phenomenal, I’ve heard the sunrises are pretty great but then again I’m not ever awake that early to verify this 🙂

6. The Outdoor Fun

The Peninsula is a great place for camping and berry picking! I’ve heard the fishing is pretty great as well, but that is on our bucket list for a future trip!

I’m already looking forward to my next trip! Have you been to the Long Beach Peninsula? If so, where is your favorite place?

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