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Volunteering Options in DC

When people ask me about my hobbies, I always hate to admit that I do not have very many aside from travel, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. However, one thing I always seem to leave off is volunteering. I love volunteering, usually because it allows me to do activities I do not do on a day to day basis and plus it always feels good to help others.

In the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. Day approaching, I want to share my favorite locations to volunteer at in DC.

Capital Area Food Bank – Group or Individual

I’ve volunteered at the food bank a few times, both in group situations, and have had a blast every time. Plus, I’ve learned a lot about food banks that I didn’t/would have never learned. I highly recommend volunteering here. It’s a great team building activity as well for organizations and offices.

Food and Friends – Group or Individual

Food and Friends is an organization that provides meals to individuals with illnesses in the DC area. I have volunteered here once as an office team activity that I organized. It was a lot of fun. The activities involved sorting and packing the meals.

Martha’s Table – Group or Individual

Martha’s Table is one of my favorites, they provide clothing and food to homeless individuals in the DC area. Times I’ve volunteered there, we prepared the dinner meal in the kitchen. This is a very popular place for volunteering, so if you are looking to do so with a group, make sure you plan ahead.

For MLK Day I will be volunteering with my best friend at a Montgomery County Event in Maryland. If you are looking for somewhere to volunteer for a one-day event, I suggest looking on Eventbrite.

Are you volunteering for MLK Day? If so, where?! Any places I should try in DC?


Teenage Angst – Spring Creek, Nevada

My time raising livestock as a teen in Spring Creek, Nevada.

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Youthful Adventures – Glennallen, Alaska

I was fortunate enough to spend the formative years of four (4) to twelve (12) growing up in the massive metropolis of Copper Center, Alaska. (Current population: 328) For some perspective on size, my elementary school consisted of less than 100 students from kindergarten thru sixth grade.

Alaska is one of my favorite places and if you have the chance to experience it I highly recommend a visit. Our house was adorable, it was weirdly designed in that it was only a two-bedroom, but it was on 5 acres of forest and had the Copper Basin River at the edge of the property line where we had a fish wheel. 

A fish wheel pics up sockeye salmon directly from the river and places them in the basket. At the time, we were allowed to catch 500 salmon per year. Because of this, I have a very hard time eating fish now, as I I like it to be super fresh and it rarely is.

At the age of eight (8) my mother signed me up to join the Copper Basin Junior Mushers, an organization that introduced me to great friends, hard work, teamwork, and most importantly, the sport of dog mushing. I loved my time as a dog musher, it is truly an amazing feeling to be in the middle of nowhere surrounded by snow with just your dogs. I hope you enjoy these super flattering pictures of me as a child! 🙂

Have you made a trip to Alaska? Where? What did you think?

Are you ready for the ride?

Welcome! And thank you for joining me. I am here to share my various travel experiences, various places I’ve called home, and the ins and outs of food and drink exploration around the DC Metro Area. Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter, but some of the greatest lessons are learned on solo expeditions.

The aqua colored states are all places I have visited, the coral = places I have lived, and the gray = places that I have not visited.